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Picture log

Arthroscopy/Sports Injury Arthroscopy/Sports Injury Arthroscopy(Key Hole) Surgery Set up and equipments needed for the surgery. 142924820 Arthroscopic surgery Allows small incisions, Minimal pain, same day discharge and early recovery. 142924824 Stiff Knee after an Injury 161497406 Arthroscopic surgery for stiff Knee Laser resection the scarring in the knee leads to restoration of the movement. 161498107 Iraqui patient with a rare disease of the knee Patient has swelling and pain in the knee for 20 years 179841387 MRI scan image show a large swelling in the knee 179841388 Synovial chondromatosis Thousands of small loose bodies sized like a rice grain were removed from the knee using arthroscopic technique 179841386 Movementy following Anatomical ACL reconstruction surgery Full knee bending and straightening is achieved. Small scars from surgery are visible. 161501549 ACL Injury Full knee bending and straightening is achieved. 161501550 Quick recover from ACL injury using Anatomical reconstruction Arthroscopic Quadruple Hamstring reconstruction in anatomical attachment. 161486794 ACL reconstruction surgery Using Endobutton. Old technique, nonanatomical attachment of Reconstructed ligament 161485997 ACL reconstruction surgery Femoral tunnel is vertical and do not prevent rotation instability. Anatomical techniques provide better stability and are now done routinely. 161485998 Bony Avulsion of PCL /PCL injury PCL injuries are rare as compared to ACL injuries. 161486739 PCL injury Fixed with a Screw. 161486740 Medial meniscus tear MRI showing a klarge tear of medial meniscus with a cyst. It is a commoncause of knee pain in young patients. Xrays are normal. Treatmeht would involve arthroscopic surgery (see video section) 161486791 Asian Takewando Championship winner 161501560 Asian Takewando Championship winner Following his ACL reconstruction. 161501561 Asian Takewando Championship winner Full recovery achieved, resumes strenuous training and sports. 161502570 ACL reconstruction surgery in Gurgaon Anatomical reconstruction has better results than conventional reconstruction. 161487599 ACL treatment in Gurgaon In anatomical reconstruction, the new ACL graft is attached to orignal sites of the ligament attachment on thigh and shin bone. 161487600 CRPF Jawan after His ACL surgery Resumes training drills. 161504627 161487959 161487960 failed Nonanatomical ACL surgery See large scar in from of the knee. Done in another hospital in Bangalore. 179842818 Revision (Repeat) ACL reconstruction done Hamstring graft used. See small incisions on the inner aspect of leg compared to previous large scar. 179843751 Swiss national, Footballer following His ACL reconstruction. 179843526 Swiss national, Footballer following His ACL reconstruction 179843527 ACL Injury Tretament Knee brace is needed for 4 weeks post surgery 179843528 ACL Injury Tretament Patients can resume walking on the same day of surgery with a brace and a stick. 179843742 Meniscus tear Treatment using arthroscopic technique. Small keyhole scars for treatment of meniscus tear using arthroscopic techniques. 179843743 Meniscus tear Treatment Full knee bend is achieved in 1-2 days and this procedure do not need over night admission. 179843744 2 weeks after ACL reconstruction Note small incisions 179843745 Cricket Player after ACL recoinstruction surgery 179843746 ACL inujrries can also happen after simple falls at home. 179843747 Nigerian army man after ACL recconstruction. 179843748