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Hip Hip Fracture of the Hip Commonest Hip fracture in elderly patients. Fracture usually fails to heal and would need either a total hip replacement or Hemiarthroplasty(Half hip replacement), where only ball of the hip joint is replaced.Leads to shortening of the involved leg 161485993 Fracture of the Neck of Femur Patient also has a Nail in the thigh bone from a previous fracture. 161485991 Total Hip replacement Fracture neck of femur treated by Total Hip replacement surgery. Cemented implants were used after removal of the nail from femur. 161485995 Arthritis of the Hip Joint Patient developed Hip joint arthritis after a fracture of the acetabulum( socket of the hip joint). 142924826 Total hip replacement surgery Patient was treated by Impaction grafting and a Total hip replacement by Dr Jayant Arora at Gurgaon Knee and shoulder clinic. 142924828 Loose Hip Implant Traditionally, fracture of the hip was treated by Austin Moore implant as shown in the xrays. This implant would become loose causing pain and discomfort on walking. The patient presented to Dr Jayant Arora 3 years after his initial surgery 161486738 Total hip replacement Surgery The loose implant was removed and a Total hip replacement surgery was done. This relieved the pain and patient regained normal walking. 161486741 Patient after Total Hip replacement Patient after conversion of loose hip implant to total hip replacement. Patient is comfortable and is using a walker frame 1 week after surgery. His testimonial can be read in the testimonial section. 161486742 Loose Hemiarthroplasty Another patient 2 years after Austin Moore implant hemiarthroplasty from Lucknow. She presented with pain and discomfort in the thigh on walking 161501557 Cemented Bipolar Hip Replacement This is currently the preferred implant used worldwide for fracture neck of femur and it will last many years. Bipolar hip replacement is specially indicated in elderly patients after hip fractures as surgery do not involve changing the socket of the hip and allows quicker recovery with minimal risks. 161501558 Team at work during a Hip replacement surgery 161504648 Dr Jayant Arora has been perfoeming Hip replacement surgery for last 15 years. 179843517 Revision Total Hip replacement Surgery Dr Jayant Arora also performs revision Hip replacements The xrays show a loose total hip replacement implant in a patient from Kenya, done 7 years ago. 161502576 revision Total Hip replacement surgery Patient after Revision of the Total hip replacement. both socket as well as the femur implant were changed. 161502584 Revision Total Hip replacement surgery Xrays after revision Total Hip replacement. Patient needed a cemented socket and a special long stem uncemented femur component. 161502577 Hip replacement in Rheumatoid Arthritis Rheumatoid Arthritis is a common cause of Hip arthritis. 161501553 Total Hip replacement done in patient with Rheumatoid Arthritis Cemented implant work well inpatients with Rheumatoid arthritis. 161501556 142924825 161486792 161486795 161486793 161486796 161486797 161486798 161486799 161487396 161487397 161487403 161501559 161487405 161487598 161501568 161501569 161487972 161487973 161502578 161502579 161502580 161502581 161502582 161504645 161504646